What started in 2005 as a video podcast with episode commentaries by Tucker Colburn and Derek Russell in Starkville, Mississippi eventually turned into one of the first audio podcasts to ever cover a television show.

Starkville’s House of El came on the scene more than a decade ago, beginning with the fifth season of the WB (and later CW) series “Smallville,” centered around a young Clark Kent before he became Superman. Throughout the years, Russell hosted alongside Colburn, Graham Hancock, Houston Longino, Will Cooper, Steve Glosson, Damian Holbrook, Robin Burdge and Joe Hummrich.

Since its inception, Starkville’s House of El, or SHoE, has gained enormous success: consistently being listed in the top 25 podcasts on iTunes, garnering thousands of downloads a week from all over the world, hosting interviews with cast and crew from “Smallville” throughout the years and having the podcast hosts featured on the “Smallville” season six DVD and Blu-Ray documentary: “Big Fans.”

In early 2013, a server crash crippled smallvillepodcast.com and its backup. Now, more than three years later, more than 175 episodes of the series and more than 20 bonus episodes have been reinstated to iTunes as well as the Mississippi-based podcast catcher, Satchel.

With the complete series available on DVD and being added to Hulu starting Oct. 1, “Smallville” is back in the forefront as a series that captivated viewers for a decade. Current shows like “Gotham,” “Arrow,” “The Flash” and “Supergirl” have “Smallville” to thank for being on the air today.

New episodes of Starkville’s House of El will resume in October 2016.