Smallville | Episode 101 – ‘Odyssey’

September 22, 2008 – After the collapse of the Fortress of Solitude, Oliver Queen, Arthur Curry, and Dinah Lance set out searching for Clark. At the same time, newly promoted Tess Mercer also begins searching for Lex Luthor. Oliver discovers that Clark is being held captive in Russia, and leaves to rescue him. Chloe is revealed to be in the custody of LuthorCorp, who have been testing her developing powers, which now include super-intelligence. Lex’s assistant, Regan, has been using Chloe to locate the members of Oliver’s team. Oliver and Clark, who has lost his powers, arrive at the LuthorCorp site and rescue Chloe, Arthur and Dinah. John Jones arrives and restores Clark’s powers, at the cost of his own. Afterward, Clark decides that he must leave the farm and pursue a new life, one that is free from the things that have been holding him back from his destiny. Clark starts his internship in the Daily Planet with Lois as his co-worker. This Week on SHoE – Smallville and SHoE are back with both of their season 8 premiere’s: “Odyssey”. Steve and Derek spend the entire episode covering the 153rd episode of Smallville; what they liked, what was missing, and what left them speechless. It’s all here! Plus a short discussion and thanks to listeners on our 100th episode and spoilers for 8×02!