Smallville | Episode 111 – ‘Legion’

January 15, 2009 – Clark is attacked by the Persuader in his barn, but before he is killed a trio of superpowered aliens from the 31st Century, called the Legion, shows up and saves him. While inhabiting Chloe’s body, Brainiac informs Davis that he will soon become the creature “Doomsday” permanently, and places him in an ice cocoon for the metamorphosis. Rokk, Imra and Garth inform Clark that today is the day he is supposed to destroy Brainiac for good, but the only way for him to do that would be to kill Chloe. Brainiac begins sucking the knowledge from every human mind through the world’s computer network when he is attacked by the Legion. Before the Legionnaires can kill Chloe, Clark intervenes and convinces them to focus their powers and pull Brainiac out of Chloe. Afterward, the Legion takes what is left of Brainiac with them back to the future to reprogram him into Brainiac 5, leaving Clark with a Legion ring of his own. This Week On SHoE – Smallville returns with a glimpse to the future, as the Legion of Superheroes visits town! SHoE is ready to kick off 2009 with the second half of season 8, and “Legion” was a great way to start. If this one sounds a little different it’s because we did it live.