Smallville | Episode 33 – ‘Hydro’

January 11, 2007 – Linda Lake, a gossip columnist with the ability to morph into water, uses her ability to uncover incriminating stories, including one about Lana, Lex and Clark. Lois suspects that Oliver is actually the Green Arrow. She sets up an elaborate scheme to catch him, but Clark dresses up as Green Arrow and while in disguise, shares a passionate kiss with Lois, which both enjoy. Chloe and Linda get into a fight, when Chloe discovers Linda’s new story about Clark. Clark learns about Lana’s pregnancy, and she finally accepts Lex’s proposal. This week on SHoE – Smallville finally returns in 2007, and the full Starkville crew assembles to discuss episode 6.10 “Hydro”. We talk about all the new spoilers, and news surrounding upcoming episodes, including SHoE news, trivia, plus we reveal our “Justice” contest winner!