Smallville | Episode 65 – ‘Action’

October 25, 2007 – While filming takes place on the Warrior Angel movie on the Kent farm, Clark saves lead actress Rachel Davenport from a car crash. After some researching by Chloe, it is discovered that someone is trying to kill Rachel, because they believe her character should die, like she does in the comics. Clark’s secret is uncovered by the attacker when he is witnessed stopping a bullet intended for Rachel; he attempts to kill Lana in hopes that her death will make Clark see his true destiny as Earth’s savior. Lana is revealed to be the one who kidnapped Lionel Luthor, and when he is finally freed, Lionel informs Lana that he knows she kidnapped him. This Week on SHoE – Derek and a special guest host bring an ‘action’ packed episode full of news, humors, Derek’s big announcement regarding the new Superman film and lots of spoilers! PLUS be on the lookout for a new interview in the coming days!