Smallville | Episode 105 – ‘Committed’

October 16, 2008 – Chloe and Jimmy are kidnapped after their engagement party by a jeweler who wants to test their love. Using a lie-detector to quiz them, every time one is caught in a lie the other is punished with a surge of electricity. Clark and Lois discover that they are missing and pose as a couple to lure the kidnapper out of hiding. Chloe and Jimmy survive, answering the questions to the jeweler’s satisfaction, who sets them free; unfortunately, Lois is kidnapped by the jeweler. Clark goes to her rescue, but a kryptonite watch the jeweler wears weakens Clark. During the line of questions, Lois admits that she loves Clark. Before Clark can answer, he manages to strip the watch off the jeweler and then knock him unconscious. Later, Lois chalks up her “love” for Clark as nothing more than a lie, which she was able to accomplish by slipping the lie-detector electrode off her finger. This Week On SHoE – Here’s our long overdue episode for the fifth episode of season eight, “Committed”. Family obligations have kept Derek from getting this one out to the masses but SHoE always prevails! With Steve gone, SHoE favorite Xander steps in with Derek to talk about a very shipperific episode for the Smallville audience, plus news, emails and more! No spoilers this week.