Smallville | Episode 104 – ‘Instinct’

October 9, 2008 – Tess and a scientist activate the crystal that built the Fortress of Solitude, which results in an energy beam being sent into space. An alien, Maxima, from the planet Almerac recognizes the beacon as Kryptonian and comes to Earth to search for the Kryptonian she believes sent for her. Maxima tracks the signal to Tess, and then mistakenly identifies Jimmy as the Kryptonian. Maxima’s kiss almost kills Jimmy, but Clark comes to the rescue. Maxima realizing Clark is the Kryptonian she has been looking for, finds Clark at the Daily Planet and she uses her hormone-enhanced kiss to take control over Clark. When Clark tries to comfort Lois, who witnesses the pair kissing, Maxima assumes she is a rival mate and attempts to kill her. Clark stops Maxima and uses her bracelet to send her back to her home planet; he also learns that Tess has his crystal. This Week On SHoE – Derek and Steve talk about the fourth episode of the season, “Instinct”; plus lots of Smallville and Superman headlines including the upcoming release of The Dark Knight on DVD and the validity of rumors regarding if Brandon Routh is still Superman! Plus your emails, spoilers, and more!