Smallville | Episode 137 – ‘Pandora’ Part I

November 20, 2009 – Tess kidnaps Lois and uses a memory reading machine from Sommerholt Institute to try to discover Lois’s lost memories. In order to see how Zod “saves humanity”, Tess synchronizes her brain with Lois’s so that she can live through the memories. In the future, the solar powered energy plant LuthorCorp builds is used to harness the solar radiation from the Sun—turning it red and stripping Clark of his powers—and provide Zod and his troops with all of their natural powers. Clark discovers that Tess has Lois, but when he attempts to remove Lois from the machine he inadvertently syncs his own brain to hers. Through Lois’s memories, Clark realizes that when he decided to fight Zod he pushed Zod down the road that led to Zod’s tyranny over Earth. As a result, Clark decides to follow his father’s dying wish and save Zod from himself by befriending him. In addition, he and Lois decide to start dating. We had a great time discussing the mid-season finale ‘Pandora’ last Friday night after the episode aired, and now you can join in on the fun! Derek and guest host Joe Hummrich of The 10th Wonder podcast led a live show with viewers mere hours after ‘Pandora’ aired to discuss it and all the questions it raised.