Smallville | Episode 136 – ‘Idol’ feat. Allison Scagliotti

November 13, 2009 – In an attempt to fuel the legend of the Blur, twins Jayna and Zan — who have the ability to morph into animals and water-based forms, respectively—begin performing saves around Metropolis and painting Clark’s shield at the scene of the crime. Unfortunately, mistakes made by the twins push the Blur under scrutiny from the District Attorney, who challenges the Blur to reveal himself. Meanwhile, Lois accidentally hears Clark’s voice while talking to the Blur, and goes out of her way to convince the citizens that it is best if the Blur does not reveal himself. With help from the twins and Chloe, Lois is convinced that Clark and the Blur are not the same person. Clark encourages the twins to continue using their powers to help others, but to be more careful. Clark confesses to Lois that his “big secret” is that he is near-sighted, pulling out a pair of glasses. Lois responds by kissing Clark, but visions of the future send her into a seizure. It’s your next to last taste of Smallville for 2009, and Steve, Professor Bailey, and special SHoE guest Allison Scagliotti (aka 1/2 of the Wonder Twins) weigh in on the eighth episode of season nine, “Idol”. Lots of news coming in on this one, including the breaking news (while recording!) of Smallville: Absolute Justice.