Smallville | Episode 140 – ‘Disciple’

January 29, 2010 – After a date with Clark, Lois is shot with an arrow by a man dressed as the Green Arrow. Later, Chloe is attacked by the same individual. Oliver begins investigating and discovers that an old mentor, named Vordigan, is the one behind the attacks. Meanwhile, Zod tells Clark that the Kryptonians are waiting on Clark to help them all get their powers, and that they will resort to anything to get them. Oliver’s old mentor kidnaps Mia, Oliver’s new apprentice, and uses her as bait to lure Oliver in and force him to kill Vordigen, who believes that he must die at the hands of his own disciple. Instead, Oliver only injures Vordigen and leaves him for the police. After Clark discovers that Zod visited Lois in the hospital, Clark tells him that he will not help the Kryptonians gain their powers and threatens to destroy all of them if they go near Lois again. We’re mere hours away from the two-hour event that is Absolute Justice, and that leaves us a little time to see where we’ve been. This week Steve and Smallville director Mairzee Almas discuss the first episode of 2010, ‘Disciple,’ and tell you what you need to take away from it.