Smallville | Episode 145 – ‘Escape’

April 2, 2010 – Clark and Lois head to a bed and breakfast for the weekend, but when they arrive they find Chloe and Oliver having their own romantic getaway. While settling in, Lois unwittingly releases the spirit of Siobhan McDougal, who was cursed and sent to live in the underworld, from a painting at the bed and breakfast. Known as the Silver Banshee by the villagers, the spirit transfers from one woman to the next, looking to murder any men who come into her path. Eventually, Chloe discovers that destroying the portrait of Siobhan with fire will send the spirit back to the underworld, so she throws the picture into a lit fireplace. Meanwhile, Tess reveals to Zod that she knows he has his powers and also proves to him that she knows his weakness when she opens a box of kryptonite around him. Zod reveals that he is jealous of Clark, as the latter has won the love of the city. Zod, pretending to be “The Blur”, contacts Lois and requests that she find information on Tess. We’re back after a LONG break and the first of a few wham-bam episodes you’ll get in a row from the SHoE crew. First up is ‘Escape’ where Steve walks you through the in’s and out’s, tells you what’s been going on with SHoE and introduces a new weekly segment we’re bringing into the show.