Smallville | Episode 142 – ‘Warrior’

February 12, 2010 – After stealing an enchanted Warrior Angel comic book, adolescent Alec is transformed into a super-powered adult. With his new abilities, Alec saves Chloe’s life. Thinking that Alec, who calls himself “Steven Swift”, is another superhero, Chloe tries to get to know him and recruit him to Clark and Oliver’s super-powered team. At the same time, Zatanna returns and informs Clark that her father was the one who cursed the comic book that turns Alec into Warrior Angel, and enlists his help to track down Alec so that she can reverse the spell. After finding the comic, Zatanna and Clark realize that the story is not about a young boy that becomes a hero, but about becoming a villain. When Chloe attempts to convince Alec to have the curse reversed, Alec turns on her and attempts to throw her off a building. Before he can, Clark saves Chloe and Zatanna reverses the spell, returning Alec back to normal. Steve and SHoEligan favorite Damian Holbrook, from TV Guide Magazine, take on the Allison Mack directed episode which was moved around a bit due to the earthquake in Haiti and Absolute Justice.