Smallville | Episode 46 – ‘Progeny’

April 19, 2007 – Chloe’s mother wakes from her catatonic state with some help from Lex, who is interested in her ability to control meteor-enhanced people. Moira Sullivan quickly begins controlling Chloe in an effort to break out of Lex’s facility. With some help from Clark, she is able to see her daughter again, but without Lex’s drugs, she slips back into catatonia. Lana learns the truth about her pregnancy: she was never pregnant at all. This week on SHoE – Derek, Tucker, Houston and Graham talk about the return of Smallville with the latest episode: Progeny. We also give our thoughts about what may go down in the final episodes of Season 6 and what we can expect for the finale. The usual hilarity also ensues.