Smallville | Episode 148 – ‘Sacrifice’

April 30, 2010 – Checkmate breaches the Watchtower computer firewalls and begins stealing information. Clark, needing to find Zod, sends Oliver to the Luthor mansion to look through Tess’s things to see if he can find any information. At the same time, Clark talks to Faora and reveals to her that Zod has had powers for weeks and that he was the reason Krypton was destroyed. Armed with this new information, Faora attempts to organize the remaining Kandorians to seek out peace with humans, and stand against Zod. Meanwhile, Oliver finds Zod at the mansion and they get in a fight that leaves Oliver with a House of Zod symbol branded on his chest. Checkmate locates the Kandorians and attempts to execute them, but Clark arrives and saves them. Meanwhile, Zod confronts Faora about her betrayal and subsequently kills her; afterward he learns she was pregnant with his child. Zod, now honored with the rank of “General”, uses Faora’s death—he blames it on humans—to bring the rest of the Kandorians to his cause. Crunch time! Less than 24hrs to go until the ninth season finale of Smallville, ‘Salvation’, and it’s almost sad to be delivering the last few episodes of SHoE of the season. But we’re quickly approaching episode 150, and with that comes the last two episodes of the season before the finale,