Smallville | Episode 149 – ‘Hostage’

May 7, 2010 – Maxwell Lord kidnaps Tess in an effort to find the Book of Rao. Tess escapes only to be caught by the Red Queen, and is forced to give the book to her. Martha returns to Smallville with Perry White, whom she is dating, to the surprise of Clark. Lois informs Clark that they should break up, as she needs to find her true calling in life. Subsequently, Lois and Perry team up on a story about the Book of Rao and the Red Queen that could help Lois regain her job at the Daily Planet. The pair fail to land the story, but a good word to the Editor-in-Chief from Perry allows Lois and Clark to return to the Daily Planet. Meanwhile, Clark discovers that Martha is the Red Queen and asks for the Book of Rao. Martha reluctantly gives him the book, and explains that the book will exile all Kryptonians to another plane of existence, including Clark, and that is why she did not have the original intention of giving Clark the book or revealing her secret identity. And here we are, the final hours. Very shortly we’ll all know what this season has been building towards. Earth vs. Krypton. Good vs. Evil. Clark vs. Zod. But before we get to the end, we’ve got one more great story to tell you about, and that’s the story of a quiet weekend at Kent Farm.