Smallville | Episode 156 – ‘Supergirl’

October 8, 2010 – Radio personality Gordon Godfrey becomes possessed by the dark force Clark was warned about, and begins waging a crusade against all super-heroes. Kara comes back to Earth and tells Clark that Jor-El has sent her to take care of the evil that is coming, as the doubt in Clark’s heart will allow it to possess him and use Clark’s powers as the ultimate weapon. Lois returns from Africa and learns that Godfrey is planning to reveal Green Arrow’s identity, and create doubt all over the world about the super-heroes so that he can manipulate them down a new path. Clark and Kara confront Godfrey, but Kara’s Kryptonian bracelet exorcises the entity from Godfrey. Meanwhile, Oliver decides it is best everyone knows the truth, and reveals his identity as Green Arrow. Joe and Robin return to discuss Laura Vandervoort’s return in “Supergirl”. The episode set up this season in a big way, as it lays the path for upcoming episodes including tonight’s 200th episode, ‘Homecoming’. Plus we’ve got Smallville news, and your Twitter reactions to the third episode of the tenth season as well as spoilers.