Smallville | Episode 155 – ‘Shield’

October 1, 2010 – Lois takes a Daily Planet field reporter position in Egypt, so Clark sends Carter Hall to look after her. Subsequently, Carter and Lois discuss her running away from Clark in order to protect his secret. Oliver discovers that Chloe erased all records of herself before she disappeared, so he sets out to track her down. He discovers that she traded her life for his, and afterward faked her own death during the interrogation to escape. Back at the Daily Planet, Clark is assigned a new partner, Cat Grant, who hates all superheroes. Meanwhile, the Suicide Squad tags Clark, Oliver, and Carter with special trackers embedded in their skin. Clark decides not to go after Lois in Africa and instead begins wearing a new, red and blue version of his costume. We’re back with an all new episode, as new SHoE hosts Joe (from The 10th Wonder) and Robin (from Media Junkyard) take our every-other-week schedule to the next level. The duo cover the 2nd episode of the final season, “Shield”, while also offering you a new segment: ‘previously on Smallville.’