Smallville | Episode 163 – ‘Luthor’ feat. Bryan Q. Miller

December 3, 2010 – Clark learns that there is another Lex clone in existence, and that Tess has been keeping him alive behind everyone’s back. Clark also discovers that Tess has a Kryptonian box, and when he activates it, it sends him to a parallel universe where Lionel Luthor is his adoptive father and not the Kents. While on the alternate Earth, Clark learns that Tess is actually a Luthor, that his doppelganger goes by the alias Ultraman and murders anyone that gets in his way, including Lex Luthor. Clark acquires the Kryptonian box and manages to send himself back to his own reality, but unknowingly brings Lionel with him. Smallville writer Bryan Q. Miller (Warrior, Committed) joins Derek, Joe, and eventually Robin this week to discuss his episode, “Luthor”, which featured the return of John Glover as Lionel Luthor and placed Executive Producer Kelly Souders behind the camera as director for the first time.