Smallville | Episode 162 – ‘Patriot’

November 19, 2010 – Oliver registers for the new vigilante registration law, now being overseen by Col. Slade Wilson, in order to protect the rest of the team and find out what the government is planning. Oliver’s suspicions are confirmed when the registration location is revealed to be a trap designed to locate and arrest superheroes. Clark teams up with Arthur Curry, now aware of his Atlantean heritage, and Arthur’s wife Mera, to track down the superhero prisons the government has built. After the team rescues Oliver, Clark discovers that Slade’s actions were influenced by Darkseid. Subsequently, Clark brings Lois onto the team and finally reveals the threat of Darkseid’s arrival to everyone. Happy Thanksgiving all! This season keeps right on moving and this week Joe and Robin have the Tom Welling directed “Patriot” to discuss which features a lot of cool turning points for the final season and opens some new doors for our Darkseid arc as it continues to play out.