Smallville | Episode 165 – ‘Collateral’

February 4, 2011 – After being knocked unconscious at Carter’s funeral, Clark and his friends wake up without their powers and flashbacks of Chloe experimenting on them in a secret lab. Chloe informs Oliver that the government has put everyone in a coma and imprisoned their minds in a virtual reality. Clark and the team learn that the government is attempting to find a way to turn on and off the heroes’ powers in the real world to ensure their cooperation with the Vigilante Registration Act. Chloe hacks into the program and one-by-one helps each hero back into reality. Chloe reveals that she blackmailed Flag’s Suicide Squad into joining forces with her as a means of keeping them from harming innocent lives. After nearly two months of no new episodes, Smallville is back with the 12th episode of the final season, ‘Collateral’. Damian and Derek kick off the first batch of new episodes with a full recap, plus talk of NBC’s pilot for a new Wonder Woman series, and discussion of the new Superman reboot