Smallville | Episode 166 – ‘Beacon’

February 11, 2011 – Tess discovers that the alternate-universe Lionel has taken over LuthorCorp under the guise that he only faked his death years prior. Martha Kent holds an anti-VRA rally that results in her being shot by a spectator. Lionel finds the Lex clone in an abandoned building and realizes that he is the one who shot Martha, though his real intention was to kill Clark with kryptonite bullets. Later, Martha confronts Lionel and Lex at the Luthor mansion, but Lex subdues the others and sets fire to the mansion. Tess convinces Lex to give up his quest for vengeance, while Clark is able to save Lionel and Martha from the fire. Afterward, Tess attempts to kill Lex but discovers he is indestructible and the superheroes watch as the VRA is repealed by voters. In this week’s episode, Robin and Joe talk about the thirteenth episode of the season, ‘Beacon’, which quickly became a SHoE favorite between the return of Martha Kent, Lionel Luthor, and fan videos featured in the episode. If one of yours was shown, let us know!