Smallville | Episode 174 – ‘Finale’

May 13, 2011 – Tess learns that the planet Apokolips is coming to Earth to destroy humanity. While verifying the threat, Tess discovers that Oliver is under the possession of Darkseid. Desaad, Godfrey, and Granny supply Oliver with a wedding ring made of gold kryptonite to give to Clark, as it will remove his powers permanently, but Chloe discovers the ring in time and keeps Clark from wearing it. Afterward, Clark helps Oliver to remove the Omega symbol and remove Darkseid’s control over him. Lionel kidnaps Tess in an effort to transplant her heart into another Lex clone, but Tess escapes. Darkseid arrives and Lionel trades his soul for Lex’s life. Possessing Lionel, Darkseid confronts Clark, who finally realizes that Jor-El was preparing him for this his entire life. Clark accesses his power of flight and vanquishes Darkseid from Lionel’s deceased body. A newly revived Lex kills Tess, but not before Tess uses a neurotoxin to erase all of Lex’s memories. Clark goes to the Fortress of Solitude and receives the suit Martha made for him before flying away to stop Apokolips from destroying Earth. By moving Apokolips away from Earth, Clark brings hope to humanity and breaks their connection to Darkseid. Moving ahead seven years, Lex is now President-elect of the United States, Clark and Lois are still trying to get married, and Clark has fully embraced his destiny as “Superman.” As Smallville goes dark for the last time, the guys go live. Derek, Steve, Joe, Damian and Robin join up for the final installment of SHoE’s Smallville companion episodes and discuss the two-part series finale. What was it like to believe that a man can fly? Listen and find out for yourself.