Smallville | Episode 173 – ‘Prophecy’

May 6, 2011 – Jor-El gives Lois all of Clark’s powers, leaving him powerless, so that the two can see what it is like to live in each other’s shoes for one day. Clark and the team discover that the imprisoned Toyman is leading a group of supervillains that include Dark Archer, Black Manta, Metallo, Captain Cold, Solomon Grundy and Roulette. Lois receives an implant that allows Toyman to control her, and he sends her to kill the Blur. Clark is able to regain his powers in time to stop Lois. Meanwhile, Oliver and Kara team up and locate Orion’s bow. Afterwards, Jor-El sends Kara to the future to forge her own destiny, as Clark is ready to accept his on Earth. Granny Goodness steals the bow from Oliver and destroys it, then sends him after gold kryptonite. Lois calls off the wedding so Clark can focus on saving people. The last regular episode of SHoE, Steve and Derek join together one last time over the mics for Smallville’s penultimate ‘Prophecy’. Did it lose a little steam leading into the series finale, or keep the full momentum of the last batch of episodes? We give our full review, plus news on the complete series DVD.