Smallville | Episode 19 – ‘Zod’

September 28, 2006 – Clark, still stuck in the Phantom Zone, gets help from his father’s assistant, Raya, in escaping. Chloe runs into former flame Jimmy Olsen, a new intern photographer at the Daily Planet. Clark returns from the Phantom Zone and confronts Zod. Using the House of El crystal Raya gave him, Clark defeats Zod. It also becomes apparent that other Phantom Zone criminals escaped with Clark. Your wait is over, SHoE and Smallville have returned! Join us as we discuss the Smallville Season 6 Premiere! Derek is sucessful in his attempts to get Tucker and Houston back onto the show, however, Houston has fled to Boston for the week so Derek and Tucker go head to head in their review of “Zod” on this week’s “House of El” podcast. Enjoy!