Smallville | Episode 20 – ‘Sneeze’

October 5, 2006 – Clark spends his nights helping the rebuilding effort of Metropolis. When Clark develops a cold, he discovers a new super power. An inadvertent sneeze blows the barn door off its hinges and across town, nearly striking Lois. While seeking the truth behind the falling door, Lois discovers a new love for investigative journalism. Oliver Queen, one of Lex’s old classmates, moves to Metropolis. He has Lex captured to investigate Lex’s powers. Join us this week for our discussion of Episode 6.02 – “Sneeze”. Listen for full details about our new contest, test your knowledge with this week’s trivia question, and listen very carefully for a hint at a new podcast from the SHoE guys — all on this week’s “House of El” Podcast!