Smallville | Episode 26 – ‘Static’

November 16, 2016 – Level 33.1 patient Bronson breaches the mansion and kidnaps Lex, transporting him to another frequency plane. Clark learns of another escaped Phantom Zone criminal and heads to Seattle to find him. Bronson kidnaps Lana, in an effort to force Lex to reveal the new location of 33.1. Jimmy triangulates their positions to pull them out, but not before Lex kills Bronson. Clark has his first encounter with The Martian Manhunter. Lex proposes to Lana. This week on SHoE – Tucker and Derek put out an episode by their lonesome. Houston is out of town and Graham is busy with a production elsewhere. Despite the lack of help, Tucker and Derek review the latest episode “Static” in yet another entertaining episode of Starkville’s House of El Podcast!