Smallville | Episode 62 – ‘Bizarro’

September 27, 2007 – Clark confronts a bizarre version of himself and the ensuing fight causes Reeves Dam to burst. Lex, who was arrested for Lana’s murder, is caught in the flood of water. Before he can drown, Lex is saved by an unknown girl who he later believes to be an angel giving him a second chance at redemption. Lionel’s body is taken by an unknown person. Chloe is pronounced dead at the hospital, but she resurrects herself in the morgue. Clark discovers his doppelgänger’s weakness, the yellow sun, and exploits it with the help of John Jones (Phil Morris). Lana is revealed to be alive and living in Shanghai, China. On the season 4 premiere of SHoE – You asked for it, you got it – Coming at you with an extended episode, here’s our review of the season 7 premiere of Smallville – “Bizarro” – We go in-depth with all new HiDef screencaps courtesy of Jc’s Watch List and some all new features on the show, plus your emails, voicemails, and reactions moments after the episode ended! Welcome to all our new listeners, we hope you enjoy the show!