Smallville | Episode 63 – ‘Kara’

October 4, 2007 – Clark discovers he has a cousin, Kara, who was stuck in suspended animation for eighteen years. After a rocky first meeting, where Clark and Kara fight, the two soon band together to find Kara’s stolen ship. Together they find her ship, which was taken by the Department of Domestic Security, but it is in self-destruct mode. Kara absorbs the explosion before it can kill anyone. Later, Kara reveals that a Kryptonian crystal, hidden inside the ship, was stolen before the ship exploded. Lex finds Lana, who used a LuthorCorp clone of herself to help fake her own death, in China. Lex returns to Smallville, determined to find the girl—Kara—who saved his life. This Week on SHoE – Derek and Aly take on the second episode of season 7, “Kara” giving you a full recap of the amazing episode, also news regarding Superman in court, a new scene for next week’s episode, spoilers for upcoming episodes and more!