Smallville | Episode 76 – ‘Persona’

January 31, 2008 – Lana is unaware that Bizarro is impersonating Clark, who is still frozen at the Fortress of Solitude, and reveals information about Milton Fine to him. Bizarro tracks down Fine in the hope that he will help him combat his yellow sun weakness. Fine directs Bizarro to Dax-Ur, a Kryptonian scientist who came to Earth years earlier. Jor-El releases Clark from his imprisonment so he can defeat Bizarro. Clark receives blue kryptonite from Dax-Ur and uses it to destroy Bizarro. Clark unwittingly leads Fine to Dax-Ur, who uses Dax-Ur to restore his powers. After Grant reveals his true identity to Lionel, Lex has him killed. This Week on SHoE – A long overdue Starkville’s House of El to kick off the last batch of episodes for season 7; and even though Steve wants to jump ahead and call it #77, and Derek is busy with Schneider-stuff, we still have an amazing episode with a great co-host, a terrific review of “Persona”, news, discussion, spoilers, and more! Plus, news regarding the final 5 episodes of season 7, a new sponsor and a hint of things to come!