Smallville | Episode 77 – ‘Siren’

February 7, 2008 – Chloe intercepts confidential information from Lex, but the Black Canary shows up and steals the information back for Lex. When Lex learns the Green Arrow was involved, he sends Black Canary after him. Black Canary attacks Oliver, believing him to be a terrorist, and in the process reveals his secret identity to Lois. Clark confronts the Canary, and convinces her of the truth. Oliver offers Black Canary a spot on his team and she accepts, while Clark and Lana try to reconcile their relationship. This Week on SHoE – Steve rings in the eleventh episode of the season with bells on – the Black Canary visits Smallville and SHoE in a special interview with Alaina Huffman this week. In the meantime, Steve’s got some great insight to the episode including the history of the siren-singer, news regarding the end of the strike, a new way to reach out and touch SHoE and spoilers for the upcoming mind-bender, “Fracture”.