Smallville | Episode 83 – ‘Descent’

April 17, 2008 – Lex takes Lionel’s locket, which holds the second key to the deposit box in Zürich, and then throws him out the LuthorCorp window to his death. Lex soon discovers the key is not where he thought, and heads to the Daily Planet to find it; he also begins having hallucinations of his younger self. Lex finds the key in Chloe’s desk, and then fires her. Jimmy and Lois discover that Lionel was murdered. Clark confronts Lex at the mansion, informing him that he has proof Lex murdered Lionel. Lex’s assistant destroys the evidence, and discovers Clark’s secret. Before she can tell Lex everything, a mysterious stranger kills her. This Week on SHoE – Steve and Derek join 2 special guests for a full-length discussion on one of the greatest episodes of all time, “Descent”. Not to mention news and a look forward to the final 4 episodes of the seventh season, culminating in a chilly finale.