Smallville | Episode 84 – ‘Sleeper’

April 24, 2008 – In order to locate Brainiac and Kara, Clark has Chloe hack into government satellites. The Department of Domestic Security has been monitoring Chloe’s activity and, convinced she is a terrorist, convince Jimmy to work with them to bring her down. Clark decides to head to the Fortress to find a way to save Lana, where he learns that Kara is at Krypton trying to warn Clark that Brainiac intends to kill the infant version of Kal-El. The Feds have Jimmy accompany Chloe to a club, which is a front for a security building, to find out who her target is. The Feds catch Chloe stealing satellite images and begin interrogating her. Jimmy shows up and saves her life, and agrees to do whatever Lex wants in exchange for clearing Chloe’s name with the government. This Week on SHoE – Steve and Derek return to the audio only version of SHoE with our thoughts on the seventeenth episode of the season, “Sleeper”, featuring Agent Double O-Olsen. We’ve got your countdown to the final 3 episodes of the season, discussion on our favorite finales of all time, and some exclusive “Apocalypse” spoilers.