Smallville | Episode 86 – ‘Quest’

May 8, 2008 – The bank teller from Zurich attacks Lex, carving the Kryptonian symbols for “Traveler”, “Savior”, and “Sanctuary” into his chest. After seeing the symbols, Clark travels to Montreal, Quebec, where he finds Edward Teague, the only surviving member of Veritas. Edward deems that Clark is no savior and attempts to kill him so that Lex cannot control him. Chloe saves Clark, who in turn saves Edward from Lex, who arrived looking for more clues to controlling the Traveler. Lex returns home and discovers an orb hidden inside the mantle above the fireplace. The orb gives the location of the Fortress of Solitude. This Week on SHoE – Steve and Derek bring you reactions of the nineteenth episode of the season, “Quest” – plus news about the seventh season finale, “Arctic” with new spoilers, images, emails from you the listeners, some new podcast endeavors from our friends and much, much more.