Smallville | Episode 102 – ‘Plastique’

September 25, 2008 – On Clark’s first day at the Daily Planet a bomb on a bus goes off outside the building. Chloe helps one of the injured passengers, Bette, and meets paramedic Davis Bloome. Bette, a homeless teenager, stays with Chloe while Davis contacts a friend who runs a shelter for the homeless. Clark discovers that there was no bomb on the bus, but that someone blew it up with their meteor power. Clark and Lois deduce that Bette is the one with the meteor power, and Clark arrives at the Talon to save Chloe before Bette can hurt her. As Bette heads to Belle Reve, Tess stops by and persuades her to join a group of individuals, who also have meteor powers, that Tess has been forming. This Week On SHoE – Reports of this being the first ever “lost” episode of SHoE are highly exaggerated! Not even thieves can keep Derek and Steve off your iPod! We’re back with a new episode of Smallville to cover featuring DC Comics character Plastique hitting town in an explosive way. We’ve got news, reviews and more all within, so come on home.