Smallville | Episode 107 – ‘Identity’

October 30, 2008 – Lois and Jimmy are mugged on the street, and when Jimmy attempts to snap a picture of the mugger he catches a blurred image of Clark saving Lois. Jimmy goes on the hunt to identify the mysterious “Good Samaritan”, and Chloe tells Clark that he should use this opportunity to create an alter ego for himself like Oliver has with “Green Arrow”. Tess plants a new reporter, Sebastian Kane, at the Daily Planet, who has the ability to steal memories, to find out if Lois stole the crystal. Jimmy’s research leads him right to Clark. Having Oliver pose as the Good Samaritan, Clark sets up a scheme and shows Jimmy that he is wrong. Sebastian attempts to kill Lois after discovering that she knows who he is, but Clark intervenes. Chloe visits Sebastian, and when she learns that he knows Clark’s secret she uses her abilities to give him a stroke. This Week On SHoE – This one took a little longer to get out due to some technical difficulty, but we hope it was worth the wait! We’re hours away from 8×08 but there’s still plenty of stuff to talk about from ‘Identity’, our favorite episode of the season. Plus news about the new Superman film, Batman projects, Smallville winter hiatus, and of course, your emails and spoilers.