Smallville | Episode 135 – ‘Kandor’

November 6, 2009 – Zod recalls to his troops how twenty years before the destruction of Krypton the Ruling Council took their blood shortly before the destruction of Kandor, which is what was used to clone each of them on Earth. Just as Clark realizes that his father is on Earth while investigating a Kandorian landing in the desert, Jor-El arrives at the Kent Farm. Chloe finds Jor-El at the farm and fills him in on the man his son has become, as well as the revelation that Zod—who was once Jor-El’s best friend—was responsible for Krypton’s destruction. After kidnapping Jor-El, Zod discovers that Jor-El’s son is on Earth, and that he is the Blur. Zod releases Jor-El, mortally wounded, who unknowingly leads Zod to Clark. As his dying wish, Jor-El requests that Clark save Zod from whom he will one day become. Gather around class, it’s time for Kryptonian History 101! Steve, Derek, and TV Guide Senior Writer Damian Holbrook delve into the seventh episode of the season, one the three of them agree is now a fan favorite. There is a lot of news to uncover in addition to a look at the character of Chloe Sullivan.