Smallville | Episode 113 – ‘Power’

January 29, 2009 – Believing that Lana has been kidnapped, Tess tells Clark that she believes Lex took her. She also informs Clark that the reason Lana left after coming out of her coma was because Lex had her taken into custody when she woke, and forced her to break up with Clark via a video. After Clark talks with Chloe, he realizes that Lana never returned because she was busy plotting her revenge against Lex. Clark and Chloe discover that Lana was not kidnapped, but intends to use Lex’s “Prometheus” technology, which harnesses alien DNA to give an individual super-human abilities, on herself. It is a success, and Lana is imbued with super-powers of her own. Later, she tells Clark that he no longer has to worry about her, and that they can work together to make the world a better place. This Week On SHoE – Smallville is staring down the barrel at two more episodes before another 4 week hiatus. Sigh. We know, we know. In the meantime SHoE is here to talk about the “Clana” trilogy, which started in ‘Bulletproof’ and continues this week with ‘Power’. We’ve also got news for the next couple of weeks, emails, and spoilers for ‘Requiem’. Enjoy!