Smallville | Episode 114 – ‘Requiem’

February 5, 2009 – Just as Oliver is announcing to the LuthorCorp board of executives that Queen Industries has bought controlling interest in LuthorCorp a bomb detonates in the meeting room. Clark and Lana investigate the bombing and discover that the bomb was made with kryptonite. Lana also discovers that her suit not only gives her strength and speed, but absorbs kryptonite radiation as well. The bombmaker, Winslow Schott, a former Queen Industries employee now under the employ of Lex, plants another bomb on the roof of the Daily Planet. When Lana absorbs the kryptonite in this bomb to deactivate it, she becomes so irradiated that she and Clark can never again be near each other. Clark tracks Lex down, but Lana stops him from doing something he would regret, and Lex’s mobile safe-house explodes and kills him. To keep from harming Clark, Lana leaves Smallville, again. This Week On SHoE – It’s the last episode of SHoE and Smallville for a few weeks, so we thought we’d be doing you guys a disservice not to get this one out as soon as possible for a truly epic episode last night. “Requiem” brings us the end of the ‘Clana Trilogy’ and makes us look to the future. Also, a full discussion on the “return” of Lex Luthor, your emails, spoilers and more. Enjoy!