Smallville | Episode 115 – ‘Infamous’

March 12, 2009 – Lois Lane returns to Smallville and is not happy to see Clark. Linda Lake comes back and threatens to expose Clark’s secret if he does not agree to provide her with the inside scoop on all of the “Red-Blue Blur” heroics he performs. Instead, Clark has Lois write his story as a means of controlling the inevitable. In response, Linda announces that Clark is part of an alien invasion, and that he killed Lex Luthor. With the police after him, Clark uses his Legion ring to go back in time and stops Linda from writing her story; Clark destroys the ring afterward. Davis begins taking antipsychotic medication to keep his alien side from coming out. When Linda tries to bring out Doomsday, in an effort to escape from going to prison, Davis keeps the creature from coming by killing her. This Week On SHoE – SHoE is back after more than 6 weeks off, but with the return of Smallville we’re back to cover “Infamous,” the first episode back after it’s equally long break. Plus tons of news to catch up on, including the fate of the show’s ninth season.