Smallville | Episode 116 – ‘Turbulence’

March 19, 2009 – Clark begins to embrace the idea of a double identity by wearing his blue shirt under his suit, carrying his red jacket in his backpack, and switching into his Red-Blue Blur persona whenever he needs to. Tess orchestrates an elaborate plan to expose Clark’s secret, which involves stranding the two of them on a plane on the verge of crashing. Clark manages to get the two to safety without Tess seeing him use his powers. Meanwhile, Jimmy witnesses Davis murdering a man in the hospital, but Davis drugs Jimmy with a hallucinogen to make it appear that he is delusional. After witnessing Chloe and Davis hugging, and having Chloe stun him with a taser before he could hit Davis with a pipe, Jimmy informs Chloe that marrying her was a mistake and he walks out on her. This Week On SHoE – SHoE is coming at you twice in one day to make up for lost time, now with “Turbulence”, a truly epic episode in the Smallville saga. More details and thoughts about season nine are uncovered including lots of speculation about the season finale in this jewel of an episode.