Smallville | Episode 117 – ‘Hex’

March 26, 2009 – A magician, Zatanna, grants Chloe’s wish to have Lois’s life, and as a result Chloe wakes up with Lois’s body. Chloe informs Clark about what has happened, and the pair track down Zatanna. Chloe learns that to reverse the spell she has to not want the wish any longer; at the same time, Clark inadvertently wishes to have a normal life, which deprives him of the knowledge of his abilities. Zatanna visits Oliver and offers to grant him one wish if he can find her father’s book of spells. Oliver gets the book, and Zatanna sets out to resurrect her father with it, which will require her to sacrifice her own life. Clark regains the memory of his alien heritage with help from Chloe, and convinces Zatanna not to sacrifice herself but instead use her gifts to honor her father’s memory. This Week On SHoE – SHoE is slowly catching up to time now with “Hex”, a fun little episode that offers something for everyone.