Smallville | Episode 118 – ‘Eternal’

April 2, 2009 – After doing some research, Tess informs Davis that he crash landed to Earth in 1989, during the Smallville meteor shower, alongside another boy. She tells Davis that he and Clark Kent are destined to fight and kill each other, and that Clark cannot accept his role as Earth’s savior until he kills Davis. Davis remembers that he was hurt by kryptonite as a child, and has Chloe lock him in a tank and drown him in a kryptonite solution until he dies. Tess tries to convince Clark that she knows who he is, and her theory about his needing to kill Davis, but she fails. In the end, Davis returns to life and is now immune to kryptonite; he informs Chloe that her presence is the only thing that keeps Doomsday at bay. It is also revealed that Tess is in possession of the Kryptonian orb that took Clark’s powers. This Week On SHoE – Just wanted to give you all a little something before “Stiletto” airs, so here is our episode for “Eternal”. We’ve got news on the season 8 DVD, and a possible season 10!? Plus a full review of “Eternal”, your emails, spoilers, and more!