Smallville | Episode 119 – ‘Stiletto’

April 23, 2009 – After saving Chloe from a carjacker, who turns out to be local mobster, Bruno Mannheim, Lois takes on the superhero persona of “Stiletto”, which she uses to get closer to the Red-Blue Blur and convince him to give an interview to “Lois Lane”. Jimmy is enlisted to take photos of Lois in her Stiletto costume, but his camera is taken by the mobster, who wants revenge on Stiletto. Clark goes looking for Stiletto, in an effort to track down Chloe’s laptop that contains files on Oliver and his team, and discovers that Lois is Stiletto. After lecturing her on faking a story, he tracks down the laptop but is incapacitated by kryptonite. Lois arrives just in time to save Clark. In the end, Lois receives a call from the Red-Blue Blur who informs her that she does not need to fake stories to be a good reporter, and when he is ready to come out to the world she will be the first to know. This Week On SHoE – Staring down the barrel at only four episodes left this season, “Stiletto” doesn’t disappoint at all! Check out our in-depth discussion, plus we talk about the season 8 DVD release read your emails. Fun for the whole family!