Smallville | Episode 130 – ‘Metallo’ feat. Brian Austin Green

October 2, 2009 – Daily Planet reporter John Corben is hit by a truck while trying to ascertain the Blur’s identity. When he wakes up, John discovers that his body has been outfitted with robotic parts, and his heart replaced with a piece of kryptonite that acts as a power source for his body. Tess later discovers that Zod and his men were the ones who “helped” John, but only as a means to test a new way for them to get their powers. While helping the Blur, Lois is kidnapped by John as a means of drawing the Blur out. Clark arrives and fuses a lead plate to John’s chest with his heat vision to protect himself from the kryptonite. When John pulls the plate off it removes the kryptonite and shuts down John’s vitals. Clark and Chloe realize that Tess is after Lois’s memories, so it is decided that Clark must return to society so that he can keep Tess from learning that he will be the cause of Earth’s destruction. And here we go, Steve and special co-host Brian Austin Green (aka Metallo) bring you pretty much everything you wanted to know about the second episode of season nine, including behind the scenes stories and more from the man who played John Corben. There’s nearly two hours of goodness inside plus spoilers for Rabid.