Smallville | Episode 131 – ‘Rabid’

October 9, 2009 – After Tess is admitted to the hospital showing zombie-like symptoms, Clark has Dr. Hamilton investigate the cause with a Disease Control specialist. Clark overhears that Tess was at the Daily Planet when she began to show symptoms, so he speeds to the Planet to rescue Lois. In a battle with multiple zombie attackers, Lois is bitten. Clark then volunteers his blood to Dr. Hamilton, who discovers that the virus was created from Kryptonian enzymes, so the doctor can create a cure. With Chloe’s help, Dr. Hamilton manufactures a rainstorm and seeds the clouds with the cure to create maximum coverage. It is revealed that the virus was used as a ploy to draw out the Blur, as one of Zod’s men realizes that he was also Kryptonian. Based on the House of El symbol the Blur brands around town, Zod believes that Jor-El is on Earth, and has harnessed the power from the yellow Sun for himself. Oliver decides to burn his Green Arrow outfit, and give up trying to be a superhero. Zombies run amok and sparks fly on the latest episode of Smallville, and Steve brings in friend and host of the Vortex Podcast, Dave Jones to follow all the twists and turns in the latest episode of the current season. Plus lots of news including a discussion of Superman/Batman: Public Enemies.