Smallville | Episode 133 – ‘Roulette’

October 23, 2009 – At a casino, Oliver meets a woman named Victoria, who goes by the name Roulette and gives him a red pill to swallow. Afterward, Oliver passes out and wakes up trapped inside a coffin. After breaking out, Oliver finds himself in the middle of someone else’s deadly game designed to make him pay for destroying someone. Oliver finds Roulette in the casino, but the two go on the run when the people behind the game show up. While escaping, Victoria is shot and killed and Oliver is arrested. Eventually, with Chloe and Clark’s help, Oliver comes to the conclusion that Roulette created the game to distract Oliver long enough to empty the $3 billion he had in his bank account. In reality, Chloe orchestrated the entire event to get Oliver to realize that he is still the hero he once was. In addition, Clark discovers that there are other Kryptonians on Earth. We’re cutting it a little close to time again this week due to Derek being under the weather, and even though you’ll find AAC limited due to the time crunch, the quality isn’t. Steve reigns in on the fifth episode of the season, featuring DC Comics villain Roulette.