Smallville | Episode 134 – ‘Crossfire’

October 30, 2009 – While Lois and Clark prepare to host a new morning talk show, Oliver attempts to train a prostitute/cage fighter, Mia Dearden, to be mentally stronger after witnessing her battle with her own personal demons just as he did. In addition, Tess unknowingly builds a solar powered energy plant that will allow Zod the chance to harness the powers of the Sun for his own machinations. Later, Zod tells Tess to locate the Blur for him. Oliver confesses to Lois that he still loves her—while Clark witnesses from a video camera—but she acknowledges that she wants Clark and not him. Mia betrays Oliver to her pimp, who kidnaps and tries to rob him; Clark overhears the fight and manages to save everyone. In the end, Oliver gives Mia a second chance and Clark shows Lois his true feelings when he kisses her. They’re calling this one legendary, and who are we to disagree? Steve and co-host Logan from the Bones podcast, Squint Squad take on ‘Crossfire’, the sixth episode of the season – featuring some heroics, a sidekick and a kiss. We’ve gathered up all the latest news and interviews for you inside.