Smallville | Episode 144 – ‘Conspiracy’

February 26, 2010 – Bernard Chisholm, a doctor who was experimented on by Kandorian scientists, begins kidnapping those same Kandorians in order to expose them to the world. Chisholm tries to persuade Lois to write the story, but when she refuses he kidnaps her and forces her to write it. Clark attempts to locate the missing Kandorians and is confronted by Zod, who knows that Clark destroyed the solar towers. Meanwhile, Oliver discovers that Chloe has been stealing money from his company in order to build kryptonite weapons to use against the Kandorians should they get their powers back. Oliver decides that Clark needs to know, but not until the time is right. Zod locates Chisholm, but he is shot in the stomach during his rescue attempt. Clark arrives and saves Lois and the surviving Kandorian, but watches as Zod dies from massive blood loss. Using his own blood, Clark resurrects Zod. The next day, Zod pretends to make a pact with Clark to help the Kandorians adapt to Earth, but once Clark leaves he reveals that he has gained the powers he was missing thanks to Clark’s blood. It’s going to be a long five weeks leading up to the next episode of Smallville, so let’s make the time go faster with a little SHoE. This week Derek and Joe from The 10th Wonder discuss the spring finale episode, ‘Conspiracy’. There’s also really big news involving Smallville’s 10th season return.