Smallville | Episode 154 – ‘Lazarus’

September 24, 2010 – Following in the previous season finale, Lois removes the blue kryptonite dagger from Clark’s body and hides as he heals. Chloe uses Doctor Fate’s helmet to see her future and later swaps herself for Oliver’s return from captivity. Tess wakes up healed in Cadmus Labs and discovers Lex Luthor clones. One clone escapes and forces Clark to choose between saving Lois or Metropolis; Clark pushes himself harder than before and saves everyone. Jor-El informs Clark that the darkness within himself will make him Earth’s greatest threat, but a vision of his adoptive father Jonathan reminds Clark that he can still be the world’s greatest hero. Meanwhile, Lois decides to take the reporting position in Africa and Tess unofficially adopts a child-aged clone of Lex. The season premiere to end all season premieres has come and gone. Derek and new SHoE co-host (and TV Guide writer/editor) Damian Holbrook discuss the final season premiere of Smallville and all that it involves. Listen to news on upcoming episodes, and detailed analysis on all levels of ‘Lazarus”, including Chloe’s departure and Clark’s journey.