Smallville | Episode 146 – ‘Checkmate’

April 9, 2010 – Tess and other agents from Checkmate successfully kidnap Green Arrow and transport him to the Checkmate organization. While in transport, Amanda Waller attempts to recruit Green Arrow, unaware that he is billionaire Oliver Queen, to a government cause designed around preparing for a potential alien invasion. Green Arrow declines and escapes. With Oliver still missing, Clark and Chloe begin searching surveillance feeds. John Jones is also investigating and he discovers the location of Checkmate’s home base. There, he learns Waller has a sample of Kryptonian blood. Meanwhile, Oliver returns to Metropolis, only to have Tess realize that Oliver is Green Arrow. Tess informs Oliver and Clark that Checkmate has kidnapped Chloe, who was the real target. Clark heads to the Checkmate base and saves Chloe. John Jones destroys the sample of blood, and uses his abilities to erase Waller’s memory of Clark, Chloe, and Oliver’s faces, preserving their identities. Afterward, Clark tells John that Waller may have been correct about an alien invasion, recalling his vision of the future. Sterek Returns! Steve and Derek are getting the band back together, just in time for the end of season nine. With only five episodes left, the duo discuss the release of the season on DVD, as well as what we have to look forward to in the final episodes.